петак, 26. август 2016.

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Summer of Our Lord 2016

My dear sisters, I write you now strengthened by the Mikulj wilderness, full of joy and abundance.  I keep thinking, “O Christ, Thou hast carried me away with loving longing for Thee and changed me with Thy divine love!”

For life in a sisterhood, it is necessary to have a great desire for it, as well as above all, a vocation and blessing from God. Even if it is the same sun that warms us, believe me that the sisters do not even see it, because their day begins in the dead of night, standing at prayer in the flickering light of candles and oil lamps, and continues with hard labor throughout the day.  Taking on such incredible sacrifices for one’s neighbor is not kin to human nature.  If I could collect all the wealth in the world and offer it to the sisters it would not be enough to repay them the debt of gratitude that beats in my heart, in the hopes that I will see St. John’s Convent again and be their guest.  All of our hopes, all our faith, all our firmness, all our unreachable ascetical struggles lie with you, dear sisters.  For our entire worldly life is only a mirage or shadow of real life. Thank you for having us, thank you for existing, thank you so much for being the caretakers of this holy place!

Your sister in Christ,

Popadija Maria

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