уторак, 30. новембар 2010.

Икона преподобне мати наше Екатерине Леснинске

Икона преподобне Екатерине Леснинске, рад иконописачке радионице манастира Лесна
Кликните на икону и сачувајте је у вашем компјутеру. Можете је слати пријатељима преко Ел. поште или је једноставно одштампати на колор штампачу и урамити је за ваш кућни иконостас.

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Laura је рекао...

Dear in Chyriste mati Eufrosinija!
Bless me!
Hristos posredi nas!
Greeting with the day of the Holy Circomcission of Our Lord Jesus Christe and the day of memory of St Basil the Great.
I've read about St blissful Ekatherina-she was a clearvoyant but not all sisters and pilgrims understood what she meant sometimes.
Please tell me who was st martyr deacon Ambrosius whose icon is newly paited. Was he a Serb and where could I please kindly read his live?
Let st reverend kings Savva and Stefan of Serbia and St Jovan-Vladimir guard father Akakij and you and the convent Stjeniche Holy place and the nuns and novices.
Please pray for the soul of my late son Daniil who was baptised at the age of 1 months in Moscow at our ROCA communion. He was very lovely like an angel with beautiful blue big eyes and a very pleasant angel-like kind smile. My dear son mladenetz Daniil died 4.11. 2002 when he was 5 months old at the feast of autumn Our Lady of Kazan. He was not ill and at the age of 4 months liked and often smiled at the big paper Russian icon of Kazanskaja Our Lady.
I also ask fr. hieromonk Akakij kindly to pray for my 3 sons who are thank God alive and healthy: Serafim and Tichon - of true Orthodox Church children.
Please forgive me for the long letter.
Unworthy sister Larisa