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At the Foot of Mikulj Rock, Blessing of Hermitage of St John the Theologian


On the day of the spring feast of St. John the Theologian, May 8/21 2022, on a rocky outcropping just under the cliffs of Mikulj Rock, above the Novi Stjenik monastery, Bishop Akakije consecrated a monastic cell dedicated to the Apostle and Evangelist St. John the Theologian, more precisely, to the miraculous dust from his grave in Ephesus. 

This hermitage is a home for Vladika Akakije nearby Novi Stjenik Monastery, of which he is the founder and spiritual father.

The cell was modeled on the desert xerokalivae* of the Athonite sketes Kavsokalivia and Karuolia, where Vladika Akakije spent a part of his monastic life. 

* Greek: ξεροκαλύβα a dry (without water) hut, a particular kind of monastic cell (cell in Greek - ησυχαστήριον - "place where one keeps silence")  found in Athonite sketes.

Icon of the Miracle of St John the Theologian's empty grave (8/21 May)

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