субота, 17. октобар 2015.


For the second year in a row, a parade glorifying the sin of Sodom was held in Belgrade this September.  Feeling a firm obligation not to be passive about this abomination, the clergy and faithful of the Serbian True Orthodox Church, with Bishops Akakije and Nektarije at their head, held a protest on that day in which our sisterhood also participated. 

This protest was held at no small risk, as the anti-Serbian and anti-Orthodox authorities subject  the Serbian people to this satanic event with shocking force.  Belgrade was like an occupied city, covered by thousands of heavily armored and armed policemen who were brought in from all over Serbia by the busload. Helicopters and tanks circled the city.  The police force had orders to immediately arrest any groups of people who might gather in opposition.  The parade itself, whose entire course was surrounded by three rings of policemen, was quite a travesty, consisting of only a few hundred people, most of which were policemen in plainclothes, paparazzi, or dignitaries looking to appease the New World Order.  Most of the Sodomites were foreigners brought in for the occasion.

Despite the NWO authorities’ efforts to inspire fear in the citizens of Belgrade, however, we felt a special grace covering us, and the policemen, who like the rest of the Serbian people hate this atrocity, were very respectful and openly supportive of our protest. 

Though we are a small group and have little strength, we offered up this protest as a sacrifice to God and proof of our loyalty and love for Him, hoping that our example will inspire our God-loving brother Serbs to wake from the sleep of indifference.  If only they could see the gleam of hope that shines brightly and gives us small, weak ones the power to fight against the enemies of our bodies and souls who have risen up to destroy us.

God preserve us!

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